Seeking Purpose

I’ve spent a large part of my life searching for purpose. All kinds of purpose, but specifically mine. It’s weird, because I think having a purpose, having a reason for why we walk the earth, well that is something we all should think about. Yet most people when I ask them the question, well they look at me kind of funny. Like I’m the oddball.

Maybe I am.

I believe in making the world a better place. In not leaving a legacy behind, but in providing a lasting impact while I’m alive, an impact that resonates long after I’m gone. I believe also we all should be building towards something, together. I believe there’s a reason we exist in this universe, and if there is no reason, if it is random chance, well then, I believe we can create a worthy reason on our own.

I believe these things to my core, and I’ve searched for them a long time.

Do others feel this same call? I wonder. I’m the type of guy who will walk around and randomly ask people. I have yet to find someone, especially when I ask them randomly, who answers with a definitive yes.

Odd, to me.

Shouldn’t each of us feel that call in our very bones? Shouldn’t we wake up burning with it? Shouldn’t we toss and turn at night because that day we didn’t do everything we could to achieve it?

It’s a funny thing, but I do. I believe I always have. Though there have been times in my life I’ve tried to ignore the call, and others where I passionately chase it.

These posts here—like many of mine—will be a conversation with myself, but these will be about purpose. A deep dive to figure it out. Mine, and Humanity’s.

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