Christopher Cranford has a little Magellan in him. He traveled the world as a youth, the United States as he got older, and though he currently lives by himself in Nashville, there’s a part of him that still wants to see more. A wandering spirit, discovering new things, old places, and times past.

He likes the feel of history, of times and peoples long gone. He believes there is a purpose for humankind, there is a destiny out there we should find and shape for ourselves. Some part of his life has been his search for it. He has a desire to see humankind reach the stars, and a slowly-dawning realization that may not happen in his lifetime.

What would he do if writing and thinking about writing didn’t consume his free time? There’s his friends and family. He constantly talks himself out of adopting a dog. He loves sports and the brotherhood found within a team, and is waiting for the local rugby team to start practicing again. Until then – games, good movies, gym, a great cup of coffee, and a good book. And writing. Writing. Writing.

He writes the kind of stories he wants to live. He reads stories that make him feel great about life, and hopes, on occasion, a reader gives a fist pump after reading one of his.

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“The noblest question in the world is what good may I do in it?”

Benjamin Franklin

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