Evil always wins

To start off, I am not an expert here. I can only speak about what I’ve witnessed, what I’ve encountered, things I’ve seen and done in my life. Everyone is different, which means everyone’s definition here will be different. However, since this is my site, and hopefully you’re coming here to learn about me and about the type of stories I write (with the intent on buying one...), then let’s talk about my ideas on good and evil. I’ve kept this tagline, Evil always wins....

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The Original Caffeinated Brain

I’ve always loved discussions with people. In many a job interview, when asked about my English Degree (I work as an Oracle DBA), I tell people: Two plus two always equals four, but when you read a sentence, and talk about that sentence with twenty-five other people and get twenty-five different opinions as to what it means, that’s where you begin to find real answers. That always meant something to me. The greater understanding. While getting my English...

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So this is really happening

It’s kind of crazy to me, this blog thing. That the words I put down here will actually be read by someone. It got me into this state where I was looking for the perfect introductory article. The thing where people would read it and “get me”. Or they would read it and tell someone else, this guy has something about him. And that idea derailed me for a bit. Trying to come up with the perfect first post. If I was trying to write a letter, I’d have gone through thousands of...

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